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Dear Visitor,

AIT Computers, founded in 1994 as a manufacturer of PCs, has evolved into sale of PCs, service, repair and networking of computers for small and midsize companies as well as government organizations. AIT Computers engineers are certified as MSCE's and have the experience of handling small and large Microsoft NT based networks.

AIT Computers has achieved unmatched customer satisfaction and loyalty in the assembly of personal computers with stringent quality control where every machine is burned in at least 48 hrs before delivery. We have instituted flexible state of the art manufacturing process where Intel Pentium and AMD based K6 or Athlon based Computers are produced to satisfy customer demands.

AIT Computers has the capability to assemble mission critical rack mount servers with redundant hot swappable hard drives and power supply. Thousands of custom built PCs and thousands of satisfied customers attest to the high emphasis we place on quality and customer satisfaction.

Come to AIT Computers, your community computer store, and explore the possibility.

We have years of relationship to keep between our customer and us. Is not easy, but that make us special from other company. "We don't just do business, we start a relationship."






Why Buy From AiT Computers?

Commitment to customer satisfaction.

Lowest prices in the Capital District.

Guaranteed product and workmanship.

Superior support and services.



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