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Mega Station

System Configuration:
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 Intel CPUs
Pentium 4 Cel 2.4Gig - System Price: $589
Pentium 4 Cel 2.53Gig - System Price: $609
Pentium 4 2.4Gig - System Price: $659
Intel Pentium 4 3.0Gig - System Price: $725

 AMD Athlon CPUs
AMD Sempron 2400- System Price: $569
AMD Sempron 2600- System Price: $588
AMD sempron 2800- System Price: $615
AMD sempron 3000- System Price: $639
AMD 64bit 3000 - System Price: $699

Motherboard Pen P4 DFI MB upgradeable to 3200mhz or DFI AMD Mb.upg 1o XP3000
Memory 256meg DDR3200 upg to 1.5Gig on board
Hard Drive 80 gig Super Ultra DMA Hard Drive Western Digital or Maxtor
Floppy Drive Standard 1.44 MB 3.5" Floppy Drive
Case & Power Supply Super Deluxe ATX Midtower Case w/ 400w Power Supply
Monitor 17 SVGA Monitor 1280, .27dp 16 View. Area
Video Card Build in 32 meg Super Fast AGP Graphic Card
CDROM/DVDROM cdrw 52x32x52
Sound Card 3D PNP Sound Card
Speakers 140w Super Speakers
Operating System XP Home edition
Keyboard Enhanced Keyboard
Mouse (mouse pad is included) HR Scroll mouse 
Extra Option build in 10/100 ethernet
Add epson C66 Super Color Printer for only $77 with cable


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Click here to fully customize an Intel Pentium III system.
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to fully customize an Intel AMD Athlon system.



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