Intel Mega Station



Intel Mega Station

Intel P4 MB 400/533/800/1066 FSB 80 GB UDMA 7200 rpm HD 512 Meg DDR/DDRII 17" LCD 1280x1024 monitor Midtower AMD/Pentium 4 Case DVDRW Burner Sound, Nic, Speakers 128 Meg AGP/PCIE Video / Built-in Video FD 1.44, KB, Optical wheel mouse Windows XP Home full Edition / Vista Home Basic

Intel Mega Station

P4 3.2 Ghz $689
P4 D 3.0 Ghz $789
P4 D 3.2 Ghz $819
P4 D 3. Ghz $879
P4 Core 2D 1.86 Ghz $915
P4 Core 2D 2.13 Ghz $959
P4 Core 2D 2.40 Ghz $1099

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